Bordo The Lock for Bicycles


Form follows function. This is the principle the ABUS designers followed in the development process of the Bordo. They succeeded in bridging the gap between the high security demands and a compact, clean design. Even the Bordo Granit X-Plus, which corresponds in its features to a Granit product with the highest security requirements, has a balanced and harmonic appearance. With its facelift, new design aspects come into their own. Even here, the design contributes to the function: The links are covered with a two-component coating (Bordo 6000/6100). That way, the bicycle's paintwork is protected and the colour variants are possible. The silicone cover for the lock body (Bordo 6000/6050) increases the ease-of-use through a better handling.

The uncomplicated and noiseless transport bag was an important point in the product specifications. The lock and its bag were developed simultaneously and are perfectly adapted to each other. Only that way can the virtuoso shape and perfect function are achieved.

Bikelocks: The Bordo-Family


The innovative linking technique of the foldable lock offers a variety of transport and fastening possibilities. Compact, light and secure – a lock that convinces.


Lifestyle-Images Bordo Bikelock

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